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31st-Dec-2020 04:09 pm - [sticky post] Come in and know me better, man!
Fae me
Welcome to my journal! Below you will find my introduction post, my current and past booklists and anything else I find important enough to include. All posts are access locked unless otherwise stated.

The quick reference guide - Here is where to go if you want to know the basic details about me (updated 28/09/12)
Contact details - Where to contact me elsewhere online and offline (updated 18/05/14)
Reading list 2014 - The books I plan to read in 2014 (updated on 02/01/14)
Books read 2014 - The books I actually read in 2014 (updated 11/05/14)
Books read 2013 - The books I actually read in 2013 (updated 22/12/13)
21st-Jul-2014 02:23 am - Small friends cut
Fae me
I have just removed a few journals that have not been updated or commented from for two years or more. This is purely practical and indicates nothing at all about my feelings for you. I have kept everyone on my various social networks and absolutely intend to keep up our connection there. If you do return to LJ, please add me back as I would love to have you here again. <3
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